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Cockersdale were formed in late 1981 following the selection of names from singers at Valley Pub in Cockersdale near Leeds. 

The idea came from Keith Marsden, who had formed a group to perform some of his new material. The group consisted of Val Marsden, Peter Ogley and Keith, after Sue Thornton had to leave because of work commitments.

Their first record, produced under the EFDSS label, by Paul Adams of Fellside Records was a sell out. However, during this time Peter developed voice problems and eventually had to leave. Keith approached John O'Hagan who joined the group in 1985. By 1987 John had to move to Bexhill with his work. Keith had already approached Graham Pirt as an idea of making the group into a foursome so Graham joined. John couldn't be kept away and the group became a foursome.

The week in 1991 saw Cockersdale at Warwick and Sidmouth Festivals. However, on his return from Sidmouth, Keith died of a heart attack.

After a year's break, during which time Graham, Val and John continued to meet, they eventually performed again at the Keith Marsden Memorial Day. They then continued to perform until the group decided to retire in early 2012.

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